KOLANP Service

The KOLANP has been providing free Korean translation services for software companies and app developers since 2005.
The translation service is completely free and the project is entirely non-profit. If your software/app is developed in multiple languages, KOLANP can help you.
KOLANP's free Korean translation service is purely a project to help more Korean users easily use the software by supporting the addition of Korean to multilingual software.

The most beautiful Hangul in the world

Service Features

Free Translation, No Fee

I absolutely do not demand or demand payment for my translations. However, in the case of commercial software, it may be helpful for me to obtain a free license for the software in order to continuously update the Korean translation.

● Quick Translation and Response

For commercial software, translations may need to be submitted within a limited period of time depending on their schedule. I translate quickly to fit their schedule, and proofread and review translation files thoroughly to provide flawless translations.

● Additional support in the future

If you develop new software or new apps in the future, you can definitely get my free translation service. I will be happy to support Korean translation for your software and apps.

● High Quality Translation

I translate perfectly for commercial software. However, any human being can make mistakes. And someone can find it and report the problem. If you receive an email reporting a problem with my translation, or if you find an incorrect translation, you can always ask me to correct it. Then I will immediately review it and correct it. I respond very quickly to this feedback.

● Contined Service, Never Stop
Since 2005

I have been offering my free translation services since 2005. I have never missed a translation request and I never will. KOLANP will continue to provide free translation services for software in the future.

About Translation

I use text editors such as EditPlus, QT Linqust, Poedit, etc. to translate your files. I don't prefer translating online because it's inconvenient. If possible, it would be better if you send me a file that I can edit on my PC. That way, I can translate more efficiently and faster.

I support translation from English to Korean and all translations are free service. I do not provide incomplete translations that could undermine the credibility of your company and your products. And when translating, I always translate consistently in the use of terminology, taking into account the accuracy of technical terms and expressions, ease of understanding, length of sentences, etc. Moreover, I make sure to check my translations in software. Through this work, I ultimately verify the integrity of the translation. I intentionally perform actions that cause errors in order to directly see various error messages.

English files on some software made in non-English speaking countries often contain incorrect translations. If you use translations made by machine translators, it may compromise the functionality of your software and your company's credibility. If you plan to develop a multilingual version of software or app in the future, I hope you will help us secure more new customers in new markets, including Korean in your products.