Software List Supported

I have been translating software for many companies and developers for a long time and continuously supporting Korean translation. I will continue to support Korean translations for the software as long as they do not stop developing and updating the software. The following list is the software I translated.
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List of Supported Companies and Software

I'm currently supporting the following companies and developers.
Unfortunately, many more software companies and developers than listed below no longer exist.
The companies and developers below still have software updates and have maintained their services for a long time.

IObit SoftwareiTopVPNHasleo SoftwareWiseCleanerRevo GroupjAlbumGreatis SoftwareAshampooGoldSolution SoftwareKurt ZimmermannIDM(Internet Download Manager)Ant Download ManagerAir ExplorerAir Live DriveWing FTP ServerFotoSketcherOSTotoImgDriveSecurity EyeYL SoftwareOCCTGridin SoftMirillisCrossFTPWinAbilityCSoftLabNuclear CoffeeLosslessCUTLameXPChallengerAttribute ChangerSoftPerfectAlternate-toolsGaiJin.atLively WallpaperRonyaSoftWinTools SoftwareTrisun SoftwareShadow DefenderPDF24SordumSoftwareOKCherryPlayerPDF Anti-CopyPDF Page LockEncoding DecodingFiles TerminatorOW ShredderSecure EraserEnigma Virtual BoxGreenfish Icon Editor ProImmersive ExplorerHashTab

KOLANP supports the following software.