These FAQs are very useful for you and me.
Please carefully read my answers here first, before you contact me.

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Q1. Is your translation service really free?
Q2. Do you need a license to translate?
Q3. How can we get your translation service?
Q4. What is the translation process?
Q5. What produts could be supported?
Q6. How long does the translation take?
Q7. How long can we get your support?
Q8. What should we do for you and translators?
Q9. What is the considerations when creating multilingual?
Q10. What do you think of machine translator?
Q11. About websites for downloading software in korea.
Q12. How to register our software on Naver Software?

Q1. Is your translation service really free?

Yes, guarantee no cost. I absoletely do not ask any fee and also will do in future. you can get high-quality korean translation without any cost. I will support my service continueously.
I'm maintaining this project until now since 2005.

Just as your product and time are important to you, I also value my time. however, I will gladly support you with my translation service for free. You would like to pay me a certain amount of thanks in my heart, but I never accept it. This project is a commitment with myself, and I will do support for free.

Q2. Do you need a license to translate?

Although the license is not essential for translation, most developers or software vendors present a license for the software/app translated by me. it is required to verify the strings associated whith software registration.

I've been keeping supports for many software up to now. some software companies appreciate my donation of talent and present giveaway licenses as a gift. I'm giving these licenses away to the winning korean people through draw for winners. This can be an opportunity to promote your software.
I never sell your licenses or ask for money to people.
For giving the licenses away, I give the licneses through draw for winers among the users who have written a comment on the post about your software from my personal blog or on your software post on naver software.
As this result, the post for your software can be continuously disclosed and listed in search results from naver by many users. Naver.com is TOP 1 search site in korea. Naver is the most popular portal site for korean people to find something online.

Q3. How can we get your translation service?

If you want to get my service, please contact me with follwoing information on the Contact page:
- Your Name *
- Your Software/Apps/Website Name *
- Your Software/Apps/Website URL *
- Your Message *
I will check your message and I will contact you about whether i will support you or not.
If you can't get my service, I will tell you the reason why you can not get my translation service.
In this case, it may correspond to the unsupported items below. please read my answer for question 5 below.

Q4. What is the translation process?

Translation Process
- My korean translation is reviewed and tested several times in your program/app/website to find out any issues and are proofreaded for more better translation.
- I will report them if any problems and bugs will be found in your software/app/website or will be found the missing strings in the language file.
- I need your quick response to my email in order to finish my work efficiently and speedly. I will really appreciate your assistance.

Q5. What produts could be supported?

I support translations from english to korean for software, websites, and mobile apps.
I provide you with a perfect korean translation so that your honor and trust about your software are not lost from users.

Please note that I will not support if your software, apps or website are dectected any malicious things from scanning by VirusTotal.org and if your software is included a bunddled software reported very annoying from users or may be harmful to user's computer, or if your software is performing some action without user's consent and collects too much personal information from user's computer.

For website translation, I do not support you my translation service if your website is the site that distributes malware, spam, or that serve pornography, gambling, deceptive or other antisocial contents.
In any case, please be aware that my translation is supported only after passing the scan by VirusTotal.com. otherwise, I will not support you.
Please note that I may terminate the translation service at any time if any of the above problems are found in your software/app/site.

Q6. How long does the translation take?

My work may take several days or a week or more times. the duration may vary depending on the amount of strings included in the language file. however, I'm doing my best in order to finish my translation within the deadline set by you. As you have a job and family, so do I. You will agree that your family is precious than anything else in the world. So I value the time I spend with my family but please note that I take time out of my busy schedule to translate your software. I hope you understand my dificulty.

Q7. How long can we get your support?

My translation service will continue to be available unless you stop providing your software service.

I've been watching a lot of software for more than 20 years, and then one day it suddenly disappeared. I've translated a lot of software before, but more than 100 software I've translated has stopped developing or the software company has disappeared. Many of those software suddenly disappeared one day. I have not added software to my translation list that is no longer being updated and software that is now gone.
I know that even if a developer develops a program with great enthusiasm at first, it will not actually continue to develop unless it is reclaimed for monetary gain. If you can't continue to develop your software any longer, please do not just disappear all of a sudden and leave a short thank-you note and a regretful announcement for a period of time for the users who have used your software. I think that's the right thing to do. If you do, the users will remember you and may be potential customers of your new product.

Q8. What should we do for you and translators?

- Insert your comments for any uncertain strings and strings with the placeholders.
If possible, comment on the strings in the language file. especially, for the strings containing the placeholders (%s, %d, etc), please let me know what word will actually be replaced. It's a very important for the translators.
for example, in case "Click %s...":
If I know that word which is replaced instead %s, i will translate it to "%s를 클릭...".
If I don't know that word which is replaced instead %s, I should translate it to "%s를(을) 클릭...".
Can you see the difference?
The postpositional phrases are different depending on the words in case of some languages including korean.
If I know what the replacement word is, there is no need to insert "(을)".
Inserting the "(을)" is not a good look.

- Friendly assistance and detailed descriptions (preferably with screenshots) for quick translation

- You should give me an installation file included korean to test korean with your program.
Providing an installation file included korean file(s) translated, the translator have an opportunity to find out any problem and make better translation. This make users trust the quality of your software, as well as providing more better translation for commercial products and users.

- Before release new version with new language file, you should offer me/translators an opportunity to update their native language. by doing so, users feel satisfied your consideration and efforts.

- Give translators enough time to translate.
All translators are free to contribute with their own profession. sometimes they are busy, so you need to give them enough time to translate.

Q9. What is the considerations when creating multilingual?

If you develope multilingual software, you should consider the following:
- RTL, LTR and the Word/Phrase Order
The word order of korean is different from that of english. the order of korean and english is the opposite. therefore, the problem occurs when the programmer uses "%s" twice in one string. because when translating, the order of the first "%s" and the second "%s" are inverted. the placeholder "%d" too. so, You should use as "%1s", "%2s"..., "%1d", "%2d"....

- You should consider the length of translation when translated.
It is important to consider that the length of the translation may vary for different languages. Therefore, the programmer needs to make the display space of the string in the program as long as possible.

- Korean has no distinction between upper and lower case letters. Korean has LTR.

- Specifically, in the button with the button text, make longer the width which is displayed text.
The same is true for text box, cells and the status bar, and the fixed caption, etc.

Q10. What do you think of Machine Translator?

In conclusion, I'd like to say that you do not use machine translator.
For any machine translator, it can be helpful when you translate a foreign language into your own language. however, when translating your native language into a foreign language, you should be very careful about using the Google Translator. I will occasionally find software with Korean translated into the machine translator. in this case, you may lose credibility with your company and the software.

For example, if you translate the word "Cloud" into korean with a machine translator, the translator will be translated to "구름". this word means the clouds floating in the sky making rain. For "Cloud", which means a cloud storage, we use the pronunciation of "Cloud" as it is. so you have to translate "Cloud" to "클라우드". Therefore, This is a totally different meaning. I will often see these cases.
So, it may be wiser to find a translator who can help you than to use a mechanical translator.

Q11. About Websites for Downloading Software in korea.

Naver Software, the last remaining online software download site in Korea, unfortunately ended its service on August 31, 2021. So my instructions below are no longer valid.

This means web sites which offer a service for downloading software such as MajorGeeks, CNET Download, Softpedia, DownloadCrew, ect. there were several web sites to download software, drivers, utilities, fonts, etc in former times and they were popular at that time.
(e.g. simfile.com, bomul.com, atfile.com, shareware.co.kr, myfolder.co.kr, pds.hanafos.com, etc.)
But, these sites are now out of business. you can no loger connect to these sites.
Only two sites(bomul.com, atfile.com) are alive, but both sites are not being managed, updated and no active users.

In korea, Currently Naver Software(No longer available) and kebench are only active services.
Most korean peoples had naver's account and we download software from Naver Software because Naver is no.1 portal site in korea and they serves a lot of servcies such as search, mail, cafe, blog, games, store, payment, video stream, messager, big cloud services for enterprise and more.
Naver is a korean-only site and multilingual is not supported.
Naver Software URL: https://software.naver.com/

Kbench(Korea Benchmark)

Software Download Center on KBench
Kbench is the IT information and community website of Korea.
It was created as a PC information site that combines content and community for the first time in Korea in 1998, and now it provides various IT information such as digital contents in addition to computer hardware.

(Note: If you find other software download sites online that appear in Korean, they are not created by reputable companies, but by unknown individuals.)

Q12. How to register our software on Naver Software?

Naver Software, the last remaining online software download site in Korea, unfortunately ended its service on August 31, 2021. So my instructions below are no longer valid.

This is a guide to register your software on the most famous site for downloading software in korea.
The registration on Naver Software is free. Naver is the most popular portal site in korea.
Naver offers a variety of services as well as software download service named "Naver Software".
Naver Website URL: https://www.naver.com/
Naver Software URL: https://software.naver.com/


If your software was translated by me, you may ask me a translation for registering your software.
First, download a Guide(archive) and you fill out all fields in the forme excel file and you need to make screenshots from korean interface in your software, and send me all the materials required to register your software on NS and I will send it to you after translate it. finally, you can send it to Naver Software, or If you can understand and write korean, you can directly type informations in the web form on the Naver Software.

If you'd like to register your software yourself, on the Naver Software website, click on the "자료등록(Register)" button at the bottom left of the service main page. (note: english is not supported.)
and the pop-up window for agreeing to the terms fo registeration will diplay. you agree to the terms for registering the software and click the "신청서 작성(Create Application)" button, then the web form will appear.
Remember to have the materials you need to register in advance.

You should complete your informations in korean on the application form.
If you have successfully fill out the application form and submit it, they will review your materials to verify them.
If they does not find the problem in your meterial you submitted, your software will add on the NS.
It usually takes 2 to 3 days for the software to be registered normally. they will contact you within 3 days after the review (excluding holidays)
Please note that they may not send you a separate message saying "Your software has been successfully registered.".

All the information you need is included in the archive below. if you want to register your software on the Naver Software, Please Download a Guide.
This email address is no longer valid. Don't send an e-mail.

To register your software on Naver Software, Please ask me for a material with registration form and guide.

(No longer available)