KOLANP is my project to support free korean translation.
This website is intended for developers and software companies who need my help.

Thank you for your visit! My name is Jaehyung Lee.
Korean is my native language and I'm proud to provide free korean translation service because I am able to introduce you a very small part of korean culture and anything.

KOLANP is my project's name to support free korean translation for the useful software, websites and mobile apps. this project has started since 2005 for developers and software companies who need my help for their global business and users.

There are so many software, applications with great, advanced features by the exclusive technology in the world. I know that how hard they made their software, applications and how much time, effort they invested to develop/create them. however, unfortunately a lot of them doesn't support korean language.
Some korean peoples desire that some of them will spport the easy-to-understand korean interface to try to use it as much as they like. sometimes, someone asks me to translate a certain software he/she like and I accept their proposal as much as possible. however, it is not acceptalble in all cases because I'm relatively busy with daily life, and personal business and time for my family are also important.
However, I remember such requests and am working on translations for them in my spare time.
This is the pure reason I provide free translation service until now and also in the future.

I use the following editors to translate your files: EditPlus, QT Linqust, Poedit, etc. actually, I do not prefer to translate online because it is inconvenient. so, if you want to get my service, I recommend you send me the file editable with any editor on my pc. by doing that, you can help me for easier translation and review as well as more quick and convenient translation.

I support to translate from english to korean only. It's free service. but, no unskillful, no insincere.
I will not provide you with the translation decreasing the reliability, reputation of your company and products. and When I translate, I always translate with emphasis on consistency, technical terms, accuracy of expression, easy understanding, and ease of reading.I often see incorrect, incorrect translations in English files included in some software made in non-English speaking countries.
I highly recommend that you do not use translations translated by a machine translator or a novice translator in your software. This can compromise your current and future confidence in your company and product as well as the performance and functionality of your software. If you have a plan you develop a multilinguage version of software, apps to get more new users in new market in the future, I suggest that you include korean in your products and it will help you increase your sales.

I will continue to support translation service as long as you are passionate about your products.
I wish you a prosperity in your business!

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KOANP will provide you with the translations within the deadline set by you!

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